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"When a girl is educated, respected, and heard, she is unstoppable".

She's The First


She’s the First teams up with grassroots

leaders to make sure girls everywhere are educated, respected, and heard. 

Who are those grassroots leaders?


They are girls who are organizing peers in their area to stand up together for their rights. This can look like:

  • Hosting a demonstration in Nepal

  • Producing a reproductive rights art show in New York

  • Leading a farm project  that raised funds for girls’ tuition in Uganda.


The main goal is to run successful programs for girls in oppressed communities, by teaching girls to speak up for themselves in their  homes, schools, and community, while we teach the mentors in her life practical ways to support her agency.

Organizations in our training cohorts receive flexible grants, to support girls’ access to school and after-school mentorship programs. 


Our cohorts collaborate on shared goals to increase girls’ agency through mentorship, and we assist with measurement tools to report those outcomes.

Source: Shesthefirst

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