New Members

Sorors of Lambda Phi Xi are always looking for young women to join our Illustrious Sisterhood. It is interesting that in the first few paragraphs of our national history it states how the vision of sisterhood was strong for our founding sisters but "the road to building the organization they longed for would not be easy". Now aren't those the realist words you have ever read.

To this day we are still building our sisterhood and we are still creating a organization in which can last a life time. As we cross new lines we must not forget, this is a task that doesn't have a completion date, it is an ever changing journey.

There is no "typical" Lady Xi." Sisterhood is not a mold for women to fit into. Nor does it make each sister who they are. Each sister contributes her talent, idealism, devotion and energies to the greater organization, giving our sisterhood the character it has today. We hope that each sister will change our sisterhood, helping it to grow and evolve.

Sorors of Gamma Chapter Fall 2016 Sigma P.H.O.R.O.N.E.S.I.S. Line

#52 Kayla "Drea" Sheagley #53 Erin "Zosia" McCreary