National FA 2019 Collegiate Membership Dues


Collegiate sisters that have been initiated into Lambda Phi Xi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated must pay semester national membership dues. This is a one time payment each semester prior to or on the due date already established by the Active Member National Dues Payment Contract.

  • Payment Contracts

    Before submitting a payment verify that you have submitted your Active Member National Dues Payment Contract for the semester by contacting your chapter Director of Finance. NO payments should be submitted without the submission of an Active Member National Dues Payment Contract.

  • Late Payments

    As stated in your Active Member National Dues Payment Contract, fines will be assessed if payments are late. 

    15 days late is 20% of the outstanding amount. 30 days late is 40% of the outstanding amount. More than 35 days late is 60% of the outstanding amount. 

    For further information regarding fines, you can contact the National Director of Membership. 

  • Refunds

    Per the National Constitution and Active Member National Dues Payment Contract all funds are non-refundable

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